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Congratulations to Chris Nottingham and Eduardo Nieto Sepúlveda who have both been awarded the best Poster Prize at the Eli Lilly Erl Wood 50 Years Celebratory Symposium and at the 15th International Congress of Young Chemists, respectively.

No PhD studentships / positions available until Sept 2018.

18 Oct 2017

Latest Publication

148. Base-catalyzed Aryl-B(OH)2 Protodeboronation Revisited: from Concerted Proton-Transfer to Liberation of a Transient Arylanion

Paul A. Cox, Marc Reid, Andrew G. Leach, Andrew D. Campbell, Edward J. King, and Guy C. Lloyd-Jones*

J. Am. Chem. Soc., 139, 13156–13165, 2017