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Professor Lloyd-Jones FRS receives an honorary doctorate from Huddersfield University “for his contributions to organic chemistry”. Lloyd-Jones was an undergraduate at Huddersfield (1985-1989) where he was educated and inspired by the renowned Physical Organic chemist Professor Mike Page (pictured) and colleagues in the School of Applied Sciences.  Also at the graduation ceremony  was Katherine Geogheghan (M.Chem. Hons., First Class), who will join the Lloyd-Jones group as a PhD student this September.

A number of postdoctoral and PhD positions (EU applicants only) are available to start in the Lloyd-Jones group in 2015


14 Jul 2014

Latest Publication

131. Mechanistic Studies of the Dehydrocoupling and Dehydropolymerization of Amine–Boranes Using a [Rh(Xantphos)] Catalyst

Heather C. Johnson, Erin M. Leitao, George R. Whittel, Ian Manners*, Guy C. Lloyd-Jones* and Andrew S. Weller*

J. Am. Chem. Soc. ,136, 9078-9093, 2014.