Andrés García Domínguez


Reactivity of silicon compounds. Investigation of reaction mechanisms by means of stopped-flow techniques.



Andrés García Domínguez obtained his BSc in Chemistry from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain) in 2011. In 2013, he received his MSc in Organic Chemistry from the same university under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Diego J. Cárdenas working in the synthesis of Pd-NHC complexes. After that, he moved to the University of Zurich (Switzerland) to carry out his PhD under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Cristina Nevado working in the development of Nickel-catalysed three-component difuctionalization of C-C multiple bonds. In November 2018, he joined Prof. Lloyd-Jones group as a post-doctoral researcher funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

Andrés loves spending time with his wife, beer tasting and listening to classic heavy-metal bands.