Pedro Helou de Oliveira


Kinetics, mechanism, and selectivity of rapid electrophilic processes

Sponsored by Eastman


Pedro was born in GoiĆ¢nia (Brazil) and moved to Germany to study at the RWTH Aachen University, where he has conducted research under the supervision of Prof. Franziska Schoenebeck on the reactivity of different Palladium cross-coupling catalysts for his bachelor's thesis. His master's thesis was on the mechanism of copper-catalyzed kinetic resolution of alcohols through silylation under Prof. Martin Oestreich (TU Berlin).

During his master's degree he undertook research projects in computational homogeneous catalysis (Prof. Walter Leitner, 2019) and in mechanistic studies on the silylation of acidic arenes (Prof. Guy Lloyd-Jones FRS, 2019).

Pedro joined the Lloyd-Jones group as a PhD student in February 2021.