Andrew Hall


Development of new stopped-flow instrumentation for monitoring fast reactions by NMR spectroscopy


Andrew graduated from Imperial College, London with an MSci in Chemistry in 2014. He then moved to the University of Bath to carry out an integrated PhD at the CDT in Sustainable Chemical Technologies, under the supervision of Dr Antoine Buchard and Dr Ulrich Hintermair. His PhD thesis was on a combined spectroscopic and theoretical approach to the development of new homogeneous transfer hydrogenation catalysts.

After completing his PhD in 2018 he carried out a one year postdoc with Dr Giuseppe Pileio at the University of Southampton, investigating long lived magnetic singlet states for NMR spectroscopy, before moving to the University of Edinburgh in January 2020.

He has been actively involved in a variety of Outreach and Public Engagement activities including teaching Chemistry summer schools and creating blog posts explaining NMR for a general audience. In his spare time Andrew enjoys playing the flute and piano as well as rock climbing and hill walking.