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Guy C. Lloyd-Jones FRS Forbes Professor of Organic Chemistry

photo credit: A-K Purkiss 

Dr Rachel Slater-Pennington Programme Grant Manager

School of Chemistry Joseph Black Building David Brewster Road Edinburgh, EH9 3FJ, UK Tel. +44 (0) 131 650 4795 Tel. +44 (0) 131 650 4714



2015 Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Scotland (The Royal Society of Edinburgh; FRSE)
2013 Forbes Chair of Organic Chemistry, University of Edinburgh
2013 Elected Fellow of the UK National Academy of Science (The Royal Society, FRS)
2012-2013 Head of Organic and Biological Chemistry, Bristol University
2003-2012 Full Professor, Bristol University
2003 Admitted as a Fellow to The Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC)
2000-2003 Reader, Bristol University
1996-2000 Lecturer, Bristol University
1993-1995 Royal Society Western European postdoctoral research fellow; Andreas Pfaltz, Basel University, Switzerland
1989-1992 D.Phil (Doctorate in Organic Chemistry); John M. Brown FRS, Oxford University, UK
1987-1988 ICI Pharmaceuticals (now AstraZeneca)
1985-1989 BSc Hons (Applied Chemistry) Huddersfield Polytechnic (now University of Huddersfield)

Awards and Distinguished Lectureships

2024 University of Chicago, The Morris S Kharasch Visiting Professorship, 2023/4
2024 University of Iowa, The Wawzonek Lecture, 2024
2023 University of Edinburgh, The Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence, 2023
2022 American Chemical Society, Arthur C Cope Scholar Award, 2022
2018 Royal Society of Chemistry, Pedler Award, 2018
2018 EuroJOC Award Lecture, GDCh Liebig ORCHEM, Berlin, 2018
2018 International Organic Chemistry Foundation,  40th Yoshida Award Lectureship, 2018
2018 Max Planck Institute, Muelheim,  The KOFO Student-Invited Lectureship (inaugural), 2018
2018 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science,  Invitational Fellowship for Research in Japan, 2018
2018 Nankai University, The Nankai Lectureship in Organic Chemistry, 2017-2018
2017 Boston College, The Merck Lecture, 2017
2017 University of Regensburg, The Vilsmeier Lecture, 2017
2017 University of Huddersfield, The Page Lecture, 2017
2016 University of British Columbia, The Aldrich Organic Chemistry Distinguished Lecture, 2015-2016
2015 Harvard University, Bristol Myers Squibb Lectureship, 2015
2015 Oxford University, Andrew Derome Lectureship, 2014-2015
2014 Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC Tilden Prize, 2014
2014 Huddersfield UniversityHon D.Univ. 2014
2014 Queen's University Canada, The Frost Lectureship, 2013-2014
2013 RSC 2013 Physical Organic Chemistry Medal, Ingold Lectureship, 2013
2013 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, The Novartis Lectureship, 2013
2012 UC Berkeley, The Clayton H. Heathcock Lecture, 2012
2011 Princeton University, The Novartis Chemical Sciences Lectureship, 2011 (inaugural)
2010 GSK/AZ/Pfizer/Syngenta UK Prize for Process Chemistry Research, 2010
2009 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Bristol Myers Squibb Lectureship, 2009
2008-2013 Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award
2008 State University of New York, Foster Chemistry Lectureship, 2008
2007 Royal Society of Chemistry, Organic Reaction Mechanisms Prize, 2007
2006 Czech Academy of Sciences, Invited Lecturer Series, 2006
2004 Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science, 21st Century of Excellence Lectureship, 2004
2004 Thieme Journals Award
2003 German Chemical Society (GDCh), The Liebig Lectureship, 2003
2003 The AstraZeneca Academic Prize in Organic Chemistry
2003 Royal Society of Chemistry Corday Morgan Medal
2000-2003 The Hickinbottom Fellowship of the Royal Society Chemistry
2001 The Sir William Briggs Scholarship
1997 Zeneca Strategic Research Award
1993 Royal Society Western European Postdoctoral Fellowship (1993-1995)

280.  Invited Lecture, Robert A. Welch Foundation, “Frontiers in Molecular Catalysis”; Huston, USA, 2024

279.  Plenary Lecture, 26th IUPAC International Conference on Physical Organic Chemistry, Beijing, 2024

278.  Kharasch Lecture, University of Chicago, USA, 2024

277.  Wawzonek Lecture, University of Iowa, USA, 2024  


  • Reaction Mechanism
  • Homogeneous Transition Metal Catalysis (Pd, Ni, W, Mo, Rh, Ru, Cu)
  • Stoichiometric Reagents (B, Si, Li, In, Ga)
  • Isotopic Labelling (2H, 13C, 10B, 15N, 18O, 34S, 108Pd)
  • Rearrangements
  • Ligand Design
  • Hydrogen Bonding and Ligand Basicity
  • NMR
  • Kinetics

Professional Activities


Prof. Lloyd-Jones is married to Kathryn, lives in Edinburgh, and enjoys fly-fishing for Salmon, malt whisky, and lawn bowls.